Wet Pets

FishKeeping.  I use to be totally into fish keeping.  I was on Monster Fish Keeper forum 24/7. I would drag my daughter and girlfriend to different fish store on the weekends.   But like all my other hobbies it has taken a back seat for now.  I’ve thought about selling off my fish tank but could never bring myself to do it.  I always thought that if I can sell the fish tank I can invest in some new camera gear. (Photography is my latest hobby)  But everything time I sit on my sofa and stare at the fish tank it just relaxes me.  It’s so interesting to watch these creatures swim around.  They always are doing something.  Some of them are always looking for food, other protecting their territory, others are just being plain lazy.  It’s always something going on in my fish tank.

I’ve been fish keeping for about 3 years now and my fish tank has changed over the years.  I started off with Flowerhorn, and then went to Cichlids and now just a big mix of what survived of my rookie fish keeping years.  Keep that in mind if you’re new to this hobby, you will have casualties.   Some of these fish are very sensitive to water change.  So you have to be careful during water changes.  The ones I have now have been with me for at least 2 years and going strong.

Keeping fish as pet is just like keeping any other pets.  You have to clean up after them, feed them, bath them, etc.  Water change is very important. I recommend changing out the water at least once a week.  Overkill?  Maybe, but I like to keep my fish tank clean.  I would do a 40% water change in my tank each time.  I feed my fish once a day so that 40% water change helps keep the water fresh.  Make sure you use chlorine remover for each water change.  I also throw in a little aquarium salt, keeps the fish healthy.

Once you get the hang of fish keeping it’s fairly easy to maintain.  Just feed you fish daily and keep up with the water change and you fish will keep you entertain for years.

What’s in my tank?

1. Ornate Polypterus   2. Delhezi Polypterus   3. Flag Tail   4. African Leaf Fish    5. (4) Clown Loaches    6. Bala Shark    7. (2) some kind catfish…I think.

Oh Yeah...don't for forget my turtle.


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