New Headphones Review – V.Moda Metal Remix Remote

So the headphones that came with my iPhone finally died. Those head headphone always did me right, no compliants. So I never thought about replacing them, but when it died on me a couple of weeks ago it was time for an upgrade.  I initally decided to go another set of Apple headphones. I figure they would be fine for me because I used it all this time why not stick with it.   Went out to the Apple’s website to check them out, they were $30!   Well for $30 there so many other options out there, so my search begins.

I know I said that the Apple headphone was good enough but it wasn’t $30 good.  I started checking, my favorite site.  They have deals from different website posted there in one convinent spot.  One thing I wanted for sure was for the headphones to have remote to work with the iPhone. I want to be able can control my music without taking the iPhone out of my pocket.  I was checking daily for about a week before I found these nifty headphones, the V.Moda Metal Remix w/remote for $30.  These were compatible with the iPhone so the remote were meant to be use with the iPhone.  So I pulled the trigger and got the headphones.

I’ve use the headphone for about a week now and for the price I really can’t complain.  I’m no audiophile so take this with a grain of salt.  The lows on these are really good but the highs and mid seem a little muffled to me.  I like my music with crisp highs, not really a bass kinda guy.  The ear buds are metal (or at least it feels like metal) and light weight.  When I have them in my ear on the bus and working out, I forget I have them in.  Real nice fit and blocks out the outside noise really well.  The headphone comes with a lot of different size ear piece that you can change out to the one that best fits you.  Lucky for me the one that come preinstall works best for me.  The remote works flawlessly on the iPhone 4.  I was able to change songs and the change volume with no problems. Cable seems to be strong and will withstand some abuse.  I’ve only had this for a week or so and it’s been great.

For the price I picked up these headphones it’s not a bad deal at all.  Good sounding, solid build quality headphone that looks cool too.  I will be using these headphones on a daily basis for my commute to work and for my workouts.  So lets see how much abuse these bad boys can take.  So far I’ll give these headphone two thumbs up!


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