Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Day 2

Here’s a start to the 2nd day of my cruise

Second day on the cruise.  It’s was a fun day at sea.  Started the day with a cup of coffee and a breath of fresh sea breeze.  I woke up earlier then then most people on the ship, so it was nice and quite. Had to take advantage of the quite morning.

We didn’t do much on the 2nd day of the cruise, just walked around, took a nap and took in some entertainment that was going on through out the ship.  Third day will be our port of call at Cozumel.

Blue water below

Getting ready for a busy day of cruzin

Family taken family pictures in the main lobby

Lonely bar singer

Comedy club, part of our entertainment for the night

The comic on stage….he was ok, got a few chuckles out of me

A show they were having but we only caught the last looked good too.

Lobster was the towel pet of the evening


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