Carnival Ecstasy Cruise Day 3

Cozumel at last!!

Well, we finally made it to our port of call, Cozumel Mexico!  First thing I notice when we got off the ship was that it was HOT!  Second thing I notice was how blue and clear the water was.  I was so nice compare to the water at Galveston Tx.  The clear blue water made up for the heat that Cozumel was bringing.

We walked around the shopping area for a bit and took some family picture.  Nice and relaxing walk, nothing crazy, it was nice but a little too hot for my mom.  So we did some shopping, didn’t find any real good deals in the market place.  I guess we have to travel outside of the market place to get some good deals. It was getting hot even in the shade, so we headed back to the ship for lunch.  Our original plan was to drop mom off back at the room and head down to the beach.  But back on the ship, we notice it was so quite and the pool and the water slide was empty.  There was hardly a soul on the ship, so we took advantage of it and just stuck by the pool on the ship.  It was a good choice cause we didn’t have to rush back to the ship by 5 for departure.  It was nice having the pool to ourself for a few hrs.

Cozumel Waters

Look so peaceful here

Port of call – Cozumel

Coconut trees in the shopping area…aren’t these dangerous if they dropped?

The cruise ship next to us as they were leaving the port

Rolls Royce Cafe Shop on board the Ecstasy

Towel pet of the evening was a dog


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