It’s Getting Hot In Herrrr…

It’s been a while since I’ve been to my blog.  I’ve been feeling down, very…uncreative lately.  Plus the weather here in Texas is HOT!  This week the temperature has hit 101 degree F with a heat index of 110!!  So there no way I’m messing around in that heat and catching a heat stroke. On top of the heat we are in a drought right now also.  We got a little but of rain over the weekend but it wasn’t much, didn’t even put a dent in our drought.  I’ve been running the sprinkler everyday and my grass is still not as green as it should be.  I wish Texas has southern California weather, that would be perfect!

On a different note, there is a Coffee and Cars event this Saturday so I’m contemplated on hitting that up.  Haven’t been to one of those in a few months so I might just break out the old DSLR and head up to that event.  The event is at 8am to 10am so it’s early enough where it’s not dessert hot walking around that parking lot.

Watering the grass, trying to keep them green so HOA won't send me any hate mail.


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