Antique Hunting

 I’m an avid watcher of shows like American Pickers and Pawn Stars.  I set my alarm each week in anticipation of these History Channel shows.  Of the two, I’d have to say American Pickers is my favorite. I  love watching them “pick” something covered in dust and dirt; things that to the untrained eye seem like junk but these guys will offer to buy it.  Each piece they pick has a history behind it which for novice historians can be interesting. The show also gives a little glimpse into the past with each item.  It fascinates me how different things were back then. 

After a few episodes, my interest in antiquities peaked and I had to see this stuff for myself.  So this past weekend I was told of a large antique mall where vendors set up shops to buy and sell antique. When I got there it surprised me, this place was huge!  I only had about an hour to look through all of the shops; there were so many to choose from. One hour is defiantly not enough time to see what this entire place has to offer. I was overwhelmed by the many things they had on display. My next outing to the antique mall will definitely have to be longer than an hour.

VW light up sign

Old medicine bottle

Star Wars action figures for the 70's and 80's

I really like this chest that is untill I opened it. It smelled like moth balls big time!

Vintage tool box, even comes with vintage oil and grease on the inside;-)

More vintage tool box

Some sort of whiskey display stand

Old Singer sewing machine

Vintage typewriter

I don't know if this was a vintage piece or not but I thought it looked cool

Some toys on display. I don't think these were tool old.

This fan was restored and working like new.

Movie projector but the seller didn't have any reels for it

This cabinet was HUGH...12 feet tall

It's also had a tall price tag to go with it....


4 thoughts on “Antique Hunting

    • I can’t remember the address but i can give you direction. If your heading west bound heading towards downtown Houston, you want to take and exit right before the Beltway8. When you take the exit take a U turn underneath beltway. After you make the U turn get all the way to your Right lane and you’ll see the Antique Mall on your right. Hope that helps.

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