New Orleans Oldest Cemetery

The Big Easy – also known as New Orleans – got it’s moniker from Betty Guillaud, a gossip columnist in the 1970’s who so named it because of the slower, simpler and easy going lifestyle here.
I grew up in New Orleans but have since moved to Houston,TX.  I visit New Orleans pretty often still because my family lives there.  It had been a while since I’d gone home and thought it was time to revisit the Big Easy. This time though, I came back as a tourist, to see the things I never quite appreciated while living here.
The obvious locals – Bourbon Street, the French Quarter and Jackson Square, I’ve seen. I wanted something unusual, something I never really got the full effect of while living here. I always had an odd fascination for cemeteries and after checking online on what New Orleans had to offer, I found this, St. Louis Cemetery Number 1.
The cemetery open in 1789 and is the oldest cemetery in New Orleans.  They have several different cemeteries in the area but this one is the oldest and has a richer history to it. I plugged in the address in Google Maps and off I went on my adventure.
New Orleans is hot and muggy in the summer time but even worse in August.  The cemetery opens at 9am so I wanted to be there as early as possible to beat the heat.  In true New Orleans muggy and humid style, the heat was already there waiting for me.  With my camera in hand I went into the cemetery to take a few shots before I started sweating bullets.  I was able to get some really good shots in but had to cut my visit short, it was just too hot.  Good thing we were close by the French Quarter and you know what that means, Cafe Du Monde!

St. Louis Cemetery No.1 Entrance

I’m not sure but I think this is the tomb where Marie Laveau the Voodoo Queen was buried

Marie Leveau tomb is beleieve to be the 3rd most visited grave site behind Elvis and JFK

I love the details in the iron work through out the cemetery

The Jax Brewery in New Orleans is over 110 years old. It’s no longer a brewery but a shopping mall now.

This pyramid was build by Nicolas Cage (yes the actor) to be buried in after he dies. 

Cool mask!

You can’t visit New Orleans and not stop by Cafe Du Monde

Fair warning. LOL!

Ahhhhh, So refreshing!!

Found this vintage italian style grocery store in the French Quater

Don’t ask…I don’t know what that is.

Interesting name for a store

I was waiting at a red light on Canal St. when i saw this…WTH!

Moved my car up a bit to see the whole sign, Oops!


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