ZR1 Joy Ride

While on my visit in New Orleans I was able to get behind the wheel of a ZR1 .  The ZR1 is Chevy’s fastest production Corvette to date with 620hp. This car is a monster!  I drive a truck on a daily basis so this much horsepower was defiantly a little intimidating for me.  But how can I pass up an opportunity to drive in a ZR1.

I took the car to a street that I knew didn’t have a lot traffic on it.   I started off  cruising at 20 mph taking it nice and slow getting a feel for the car.  This stretch of road was bout 1/2 mile long and had some nice soft turn and a good straight away.  After a few laps in the blue beast it was time to see what it can do, or should I say what I can handle.  I took the turns cautiously not going too fast, then I got to the straight away.  I floored it, and without hesitation I was at 95mph. WOW!  Keep in mind that this car can go 200 mph, so I was no where near it’s top speed. But accelerating that fast got my blood flowing and a smile on my face.  I’m no race car driver and driving 200 mph is not a good idea on public roads.  I think that will do it for me, I have to come back for another test drive in the ZR1. Maybe next time on a race track.


3 thoughts on “ZR1 Joy Ride

  1. Love that car. Have you seen the American version of top gear on the history channel. They have featured the Zr1 several times, its worth downloading from the site if you didn’t catch the episodes.

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