We Heart Houston

This past weekend, Houston had some great weather. Still no rain in sight, however the temperatures did drop into the low 90’s.  For Houston, the low 90’s are a lot better than the 105 degree heat we’d been having lately.  So to take advantage of the cooler weather I wanted to do something outdoors.  I was told that a sculptor by the name of David Adickes had created Houston’s very own “Hollywood” sign.  Of course it doesn’t say “Hollywood” but instead it says “We Love Houston”.
After a little research I found the location of the sign was right near downtown in David Adickes’ very own studio.  So I grabbed my camera and went on another RedStripe Adventure.  It took us about 30 minutes to arrive at SculptrWorx, the name of David Adicke’s studio. David Adickes’ work spans 6 decades long with famous sculptures peppered all over the greater Houston area.   The “We Love Houston” sign has yet to move to its permanent location which made it easy for us to find.  Along with the vast sign, Adicke’s studio is littered with monstrous sculptures of past presidents, celebrities and even The Beatles.  Most of the sculptures however are guarded by a high wired fence.
The “We Love Houston” sign is great. At 28 feet, it’s grand and colorful enough to grab your attention but isn’t over done to make it look gaudy. I hope this sign becomes as iconic as the Hollywood sign, a sign that anyone who visit Houston has to get a picture of.

The sign says it all…We Heart Houston!!

George Bush

Theodore Roosevelt

Abraham Lincoln and Andrew Jackson…I think.

The Beatles


8 thoughts on “We Heart Houston

  1. This is a great photo of my We Love Houston sign, better than those I have taken. I certainly would like a copy of it, or just email it to me.
    It will soon be placed on its permanent site, on I-10 feeder road, just east of the Patterson St. bridge, south side of I-10. That’s four blocks east of
    the Shepherd turn-off.
    Thank you,
    David Adickes

  2. I would love to buy a digital version of the “We Heart Houston” photo — I’d like to have a photo canvas made for my home. Is this something you would consider?

    Thank you,
    Mary Beth

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  4. Wow, stunning photos! Gosh, I am in awe of the We Love Houston sign photo! One of my favorite things to do is wander around there and stare at all of the presidents heads, the old telephone that isn’t there anymore 😦 and the lady with the hair is gone too! I’d love to one day meet Mr. Adickes! His works are mind blowing and I LOVE Virtuoso too!!! Can’t tell you how many people I’ve shown them to who were equally amazed! Fantastic photos! One day I hope to be 1/8th as great as you!!!

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