Yes, Another Car Meet

First off I would like to thank everyone for reading my blog last week when I was Freshly Pressed.  It was an awesome feeling to have that many people read my blog and I’m honored.  Thanks again!
This past weekend I was able to attend another car meet geared more towards the import scene.   This car meet was put on by the guys at MaydayGarage Car Forum.  The meet was held at Baker Nissan in Houston, TX who was kind enough to host the event.   This meet was a precursor/pre-meet to the big car show in Dallas,TX on Oct. 15 called WekFest cohosted by the apply named Weksos Industries & FatLace.  So when I heard about this pre meet I had to set time in my day to attend this event.
The meet was from 6pm to 9pm. I got to the Nissan dealership at 7pm and there were still cars rolling in and setting up. Walking through the entrance immediately I could hear the music and smell the food.  I can already tell this was going to be a fun meet.
There were plenty of cars to please the eyes, food to fill your stomach and music to keep your head bopping.  To top it off, the hosts gratiously set it all up for free!  Needless to say,  I had a really good time at this meet.  Lots of top-notch cars came out for this event and I met a lot of cool people all around.  As always I had my trusty  Nikon with me as I was snapped away at these cars.  Hope you enjoy another Red Stripe Adventure, thanks for stopping by!



Some nice Subaru's attended the meet.

Hondas riding low for the show

Can you guess what car this is by it's engine bay? bout now?

That's right it's an RX-7

Some luxury SUV were also on hand.

Wheels nice and tucked

Honda S2000


Cars in the Nissan tuning shop

Nissan GTR in the tuning shop

Nissan 370z


Acura NSX

I wish I could see this car run

I love old school cars

One day I tell ya, one day.....

..this will be mine.

Can you name that engine bay?

Formation for roll call.

Single file line please

My last shot of the night, I kinda dig it.


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