Korean Festival

This pass weekend was the Korean Festival at Discovery Green in downtown Houston.   This event is held annually here in Houston and this is my first time making it out to the festival.  We got out there at noon and the sun was out and shining bright.  Maybe a little too bright for me because at time with the sun beating down on you it got hot.   Fortunately for us there as a little bit of overcast to help shield us from the sun from time to time, but we still spent most of our day in the cool shade.  I was able to snap off a few interesting photos. Hope you enjoy, Thanks!

Thank you for stopping by checking out another Red Stripe Adventure.




A view of the building from the festival

Walking shoes of the day

When I saw these red leather shoes I though of Michael Jackson Thriller.

Yellow shirt, stone wash black and white jeans and light blue shoes on.

I can dig it

Where we spent most of the day hiding from the sun

Relaxing with Ice Coffee

How my buddy’s kid keeps cool

He’s not the only one with sunglasses on.  I told you the sun with out today.

They even offer Kayak rides

Accident photo but it turned out good, I thought.

Getting late in the afternoon and my buddy’s kid is getting tired of me and my camera


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