Day at Oil Ranch in Hockley, TX

Howdy everyone! Well this pass weekend we spent the day at Oil Ranch in Hockley, TX.  I’ve never been to one of these ranch before heck, I’ve never been on a ranch period.  But this ranch was set up with all sorts of fun activity to do for the whole family.  They had hay ride, pony ride, paintball and you can even feed the cows!  We’re city folks, so I tell you right now that we were not used to the smell that came along with the farm animals.  But the good thing ranch had plenty of land so we can escape the farm animal aroma.

But the main reason I wanted to go to this place was to take pictures of our friend’s son.  He’s about 6 months old and was a bundle of joy to spend the day with.  I don’t think this kid cry once while we were hanging out.  He did have plenty of facial express that’s for sure.  We spent about 3 hrs out on the ranch before we heading out.  3hrs was all we can handle that day, we have to take ranch life slowly and do baby steps to ease into the lifestyle.  But I did get some nice picture of the baby and got to hang out on a ranch so I was a happy.

Thanks for checking out another Red Stripe Adventure!

Cayden and Mary

How can y ou not love that monkey….hat.

Look at that smile!



Wudda you looking at?


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