Right by the Beeeach

For this week of RedStripe Adventure we’re headed down to Galveston Island Texas for a friend’s birthday party.  The only thing really to do there is fishing and I’m not much of a fisherman, so I seldom visit Galveston Island.  But every time I do visit Galveston I end up having a good time even if I didn’t do any fishing.  Maybe that’s a hint  that there’s more to do then fishing on the Island.  I really need to visit Galveston more often, it’s only a little over an hour drive for me. 

I just upgraded to a full frame camera so I don’t have a wide angle lens for it, yet.  All these was shot with a 50mm 1.8g which is a great lens, but I like wide angle shots.  I know what’s next on my camera list of toys…Nikon 14-24mm here I come!

Caught this picture out my truck window of some beach goers.

Walk along the beach


I almost broke a sweat drinking my beer and waching my friends play football

My truck parked in front of a church that survived the 1900 storm


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