Houston AutoRama Car Show

     Hello everyone!  I hope ya’ll had a good Thanksgiving. As for me, I had a house packed with out-of-towners – a combination of kids, siblings and dogs.  With a house full of people and animals I had to take a break and sneak away for a little while to the Houston Autorama Car Show.  I was really excited to go to this car show particularly for the main attraction – hot rods and rat rods. There was also some well know hot rodders on site such as Bryan Fuller from the show Cafe Racer.  There was plenty to do and with that rare rainy day we had like Saturday, it was good to be indoors and exploring the world of hot rods.
     Aside from the cars, and celebrities there was also a swap meet full of auto parts, old bikes and toys for sale.  With such good deals, I’m lucky I didn’t bring a whole lot of money with me or else I’d have been hauling a truck load of antiques back home.
     This was my first Autorama and already I can tell this will become a yearly tradition. I spent about 4 hours at the show and with so much to do I still felt like I missed out on some of the cars and all it had to offer.  There’s so much going on, if you ever get the chance to attend, I suggest you go for the full 8 hours the show is open.
     I just recently upgraded to a D700 but am currently working with just a 50mm.  With a fixed lens and almost no room to back up, it was pretty hard to compose decent shots.  It’ll take some getting use to but so far I love the D700!  There are a lot of picture here so I hope no one’s using a dial up connection.


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