This pastweekend was a busy one.  Saturday we took the hour-long trek down toGalveston Island to do some Christmas decorating. My intentions were to finishthe decoration early and walk around the island to get some photos, howeverafter using most of the afternoon to decorate that didn’t happen. No photoswere taken that day but Galveston is only an hour away so there will be in the future.

Sunday FunDay! Nothing like some good ole Texans tailgating to end the weekend. Texansplayed the Atlanta Falcons who were creamed 17-10 when all was said anddone. I have toto tell you now that I’m a New Orleans Saints fan through and through.  Even when the Saints were losing and I tried to leave them and become a Texans fan, I just couldn’t do it.  Some Sundays, I wouldn’t even watch the Saints play in protest, but every time still, when the Saints would lose a game my Sunday was bummed out.  Don’t get mewrong I will always support the Texans…just as long as they’re not play theSaints. We haven’t been tailgating in a long time so I forget how much fun itis especially when your team (when in Rome, right?) wins.

With all thisgoing on this weekend I didn’t get any real pictures, sad of me I know.  But Idid manage to take some photos on my iPhone 4 which will have to do for this weeks post.

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Towards the end of the tailgating we started to just grill whatever we can find, even donuts.Texans beat the Falcons 17-10 with a 3rd string QB.

Texans beat the Falcons 17-10 with a 3rd string QB.

Nothing to do with the tailgating or footbal but I thought I share some new reading material I just picked up…The Stig approves!


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