More Cars than Coffee

Well, we’re back after a long hiatus.  With work and the holidays I wasn’t able to post much on my blog.   Hopefully things will get back on regular schedule so I can spend more time on my photography. To freshen up a bit I started out at an oldie but a goodie, Coffee & Cars.  This past weekend’s weather was abnormally warm in Houston for January and the location of this meet is a good 30-40 min drive from my house.  I dread the drive up there especially at 7am on a Saturday but you do what you got to do to get the shot am I right?  The drive is long, but once I get to my destination, camera in hand in car paradise, everything always seems better.   I’m always glad I can make the trip out to Coffee and Cars; the cars never disappoint. Something I’ve notice about the event lately though, not a lot people are drinking coffee. They should change it to Cars and More Cars.


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