One Cool Porsche

Couple of weekends ago I attend the Coffee and Cars meet and saw a lot of great cars.  Some had the cleanest paint job on the block, others paint jobs had patina that only mother nature could create.  Sport cars with a blazing 600hp  under the hood, others have a happy 97hp.  All was a pleasure to see, but there was one car that stood out to me more than any other and it was this 57′ Porsche Sportster.    I’ll say this has to be my favorite pick from the meet.  Sure there was a lot of cars out there that had a shinier paint job, some of the cars can run circle around this Porsche all day.  But I don’t care, this 57′ Porsche is COOL.  It’s something about an old vintage classic that always out shine any late-model car for me.  Don’t get me wrong, I still drool at the sight of a Lexus LFA or a Lamborghini Aventador.   But these classic cars has so much history to it.  Take a look  at my favorite pick, a 57′ Porsche, it’s over 50 years old.  The King of Cool Steve McQueen drove one and so did James Dean.  Who’s cooler than those two guys, right?  This car is going down in my book as one cool car, can you dig it?

Only thing that I wish was different was the color, silver or black is the way to go.

Grill headlight

57 Fun Baby!

Love the low stance on the car

The interior is clean and simple.

I over heard the owner said it has a whooping 97hp!!

That’s me!!


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