I Don’t Like Flying

I don’t flying!  I would much rather take a road trip than fly.  Recently I was asked by my job to take a trip to Pittsburgh PA for couple weeks.  I decided to take the offer thinking that its good chance for me to break the monotonous of the regular work day in my office.

My plane leaving without me

I had mixing feeling about this trip, part of me was excited, the half didn’t want to leave my family for two weeks. But it’s for work and I’ll get good experience from this trip.  Well on the morning of my flight I left the house at 630am for a flight that departed at 850am.  On any other day it would have taken me 1hr to get to the airport from my house. Well even with leaving the house 2hr ahead of my flight, I manage to miss my flight.  How did I miss my flight you ask. Well let me tell you, there was not one, not two, but three car accident that morning.  One of the accident was right outside of the parking garage at the airport.  That had set the tone for the rest of my traveling day.

The airline was able to put me on the next flight at 1025am.  Which normally I wouldn’t mind but coworkers on my original flight.  So that means he’ll have to wait for me when he gets to Pittsburgh.  I called my co-worker to let him know that I miss my flight.  He didn’t seem to mind too much and it really wasn’t my fault really.  But my traveling was still not over, I still had a connecting flight in Charlotte NC before I head to Pittsburgh. I got to Charlotte with no problem. I exit my plane and ran to my next gate and guess what.  You guessed it, DELAYED!  For 1 1/2 hr!  I told ya, not a good day for me.  Well I didn’t have much choice so I had to make the best of my time while I was at the airport.  I watched some automotive tv shows on my laptop then got some lunch.  Time fly when you’re having fun, next thing I knew we were boarding the plane.  Once I got on the plane from Charlotte to Pittsburgh I was just ready for the plane to land already in Pittsburgh.  I just wanted to be in Pittsburgh.  Well after starting my day at 630am central time I made it to Pittsburgh at 500pm eastern time.  I’VE MADE IT!!

Killing some time watching Top Gear

My lunch at the airport in Charlotte NC

My in flight movie

Finally made it to Pittsburgh!!


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