Cold Day At The Zoo

Home sweet home. I’ve just made it back to Houston after two weeks in Pittsburgh, PA.  Pittsburgh was a great city to visit and I really enjoyed my time there.  But it’s way too cold for me!  I think I prefer the mild winters Houston gets instead. Waking up to 18 degree weather and then scraping off ice on your windshield every morning is definitely something I could live without.  Although I hear the summers are pretty mild in Pittsburgh, I think I’ll stick to my Houston heat, no pun intended.
For the two weekends I was there, the first weekend was pretty much a bust since we had to work most of that weekend. For the second weekend however my fiancé was able to fly up there to visit me.  While she was here with me in Pittsburgh for the weekend, we pushed in an entire weekend of Pittsburgh site-seeing and tourism. The most surprising thing of all was their zoo and aquarium which turned out to be pretty fun. My fiance and I are from the south, born and raised so it was nice having snow fall around us as we walked around the exhibits but it was COLD and needless to say the snow falling got old pretty quick. Parts of the animal exhibits are indoors so we warmed up a bit while checking them out.  By far though my favorite part was the indoor aquarium.

I’m still working on the Pittsburgh Autorama pictures that I’m sorting through and will do a post on that shortly.  For now, here are some pictures of the animals from the Pittsburgh Zoo. Enjoy!

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Fair Warning

It was early and cold so some of the animals were still asleep

Snow started falling



This monkey was just hanging out

Then he notice us by the glass

Looks like he was leaving

So I turn my attention to the other monkey

The monkey came swinging back towards us

..BAM! and landing right on the glass!!

The zoo keeper told us that he loves doing that to the school kids. What a awesome monkey!


This soon to be momma gorilla was perched up high catching some Z’s

This silver back male didn’t want to get his photo taken

Don’t let the sparkle bedazzle you, these are red belly piranha

Tail end of an arapaima

Head shot of the arapaima

Another head shot

Just being silly

Otters just relaxing in the pool



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