Lone Star Throwdown 2012

The Lone Star Throwdown was my first ever experience.  Being out in Conroe, TX the trek is quite a distance from my side of town.  With an hour drive at 730am on a Saturday morning, I was hoping the show wouldn’t disappoint.  With the promise of Low Riders, and Hot Rods I really wanted to see what this car show was all about.  So with my coffee in one hand and my camera in the other I hit the road.

Upon arrival I was greeted with slammed ground-scraping trucks and that was just the parking lot.  I knew I’d like this car show from the start. I checked my camera settings, paid my fee and made my way into the gate. The attention grabbing customized trucks – decked out sounds systems, TV monitors and chrome everything – hits you the moment you walk in. But trucks wasn’t the only things at the show, the was plenty of hot rods there to satisfy my appetite.

Like most car fanatics, I like all types of cars in general. If you usually follow my blog though, I tend to lean heavier towards the older model cars that are vintage and have the “rat rod” feel to them.  For me to come and check out the Low Riders offered at The Lone Star Throwdown, it was a nice change of pace. I’ll definitely be making it back up here next year.

I guess it’s safe to say this one is under construction


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