Coffee and Cars March Edition

What a nice weekend we just had here in Houston.  Humidity was low and the temperature was cool.  I like to refer that kind of weather as “Cali Weather”. Perfect weather for the Coffee and Cars meet.  They had great turn out as always with plenty of high-end cars to gawk at. This meet has so many different cars here, that not one car guy can say that he didn’t see a car he liked.  I come to these meet a lot and there alway cars that I’ve haven’t seen before. I love spending my Saturday morning walking around checking these cars.  Especially if the weather is nice.

Ferrari on the scene


Can you guess what kind of car this is?

Motivation to work harder

Rolling on bags is the way to go these days

I’ve seen the lastest gen mini coopers around but never seen the original one. These cars are tiny!

The mass of people surrounding the Mclaren mp4-12c

Mclaren #1….

Mclaren #2


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