T-Shirts for the Lowly Gentlemen

I’m a t-shirts and jeans kinda guy.  If I can get away with wearing a t-shirts and jeans everyday I would.  Unfortunately I work in the corporate world and jeans and t-shirts are frowned at in the office. I wonder if I can get a doctor’s order to let me wear only t-shirts and jeans everyday to work.  Maybe I have a skin condition that only allows me to wear t-shirts and jeans. That would be nice!

I’m a sucker for any t-shirts that has a kind of cool design on it.  If it’s automotive or photography related that’s even better chance I’m throwing my hard earn money at it.  That brings me to my latest purchase of t-shirts.  These t-shirts are from the guys at Stance Works, a car blog that specialize on low riding cars.  I’ve been reading their blog for a while now, but never realized that they had an online store.  When I clicked on the “shop” link, I had a big grin on my face and before I knew it I had two items already in my cart.  I had to hurry up and check out before I add anymore items in the cart.  After a few clicks and a few days, I had a package in the mail.  The shirt arrived in two plastic bag that had a cool vintage race car driver on it with the company logo on it.  Each shirt was neatly folded and place inside along with a tag that has been purposely worn out to give the vintage look and a Lowly Gentlemen sticker.  The quality of these shirts were top-notch and the print on them really pop.  The cherry on top of all this, it’s TAGLESS!   I don’t know why all t-shirt manufacturer don’t just do away with those tag.  They annoy the hell out of me.

I normally don’t write post about clothing but these t-shirts deserve a little bit of attention. Two thumbs up for the Lowly Gentlemen.    -RSP-


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