TX2K12 Night Meet

Here the post of the TX2K12 Night meet.  I normally don’t go to these night event because it can get out of control.  But I decided to check it out anyways because it was a 5 minutes drive from my house.  It got really crowed and the crowd was getting more and more rowdy. I left the meet at around 1030pm, I had about enough of the crowd at that point. When I check the my FB the next morning while eating my breakfast like I always do, I see that the night meet was shut down due the crowd being to rowdy.  If you youtube TX2K12 you’ll probably see what happened. 

But the main event was Saturday and Sunday race.  That’s where the grown folks go play, on the track.  I will have picture from the race sometime this week, so check back soon.  -RSP-


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