TX2K12 Race Day

TX2K12 is a drag race that started back in 2000 with only Toyota Supra.  Now it’s a national car event that attracts racer from all over the country.  Not only are there Supras but also on hand are Porsche’s, Viper’s, Lambo’s, Vette’s, Nissan’s GTR, etc.  There were some serious cars out this year.  This was a two-day event.  I couldn’t make it out to both days which I was pretty bummed out about.  I made my way out on Sunday, which was the eliminations.  I gotta tell ya, these guys don’t play around.

“what that heck is that hole for??”

Most impressive car at the race. This car is a BEAST!!



What is that you ask? 
A big ass turbo on a Supra motor in a S2000. Yup..that’s what it.

Warming things up a bit here.

…Yes, it did run 7.79 sec in the quarter-mile. Told you it was a BEAST!

Lonely lambo

One of Jotech’s Nissan GTR

Team Jotech had plenty of Nissan GTR ready for racing

Jotech girls!

Love for cars starting at a young age

The End…


7 thoughts on “TX2K12 Race Day

    • trust me, it took me a while to get back into the swing of car shows. don’t think ill ever quit going to them again

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