2012 Lone Star Round Up – Part One

This past weekend we made a road trip to Austin TX for the 2012 Lone Star Round Up.  This event featured hot rods and custom cars that people from all over the country come to attend.  My original plans were to head up to Austin on Friday night and attend the show all day Saturday.  But as life goes, plans got changed and I had to attend the show on Friday.  In my mind I was thinking the Friday show wouldn’t be up to par with the Saturday show since most people are still at work.  Man I was wrong! I guess no one gives a shit about work when the Lone Star Round Up is going on! When I got there at 11am there was already a line at the gate with show cars already rolling in to their parking spot.  Even the general parking lot had custom motorcycles and hot rods.

When I finally made my way through the gate I was greeted by some amazing machinery.  These cars looked awesome from the distance – the paint job, the wheel, and the stance.  The closer you got to these beauties the better they looked. Even the rat rods have some detail that you wouldn’t have seen unless you got closer; you can really admire the care and detail put into these cars.

This was my first time to the show and I was really impressed with the people there.  At car shows I normally keep to myself while taking my photos, finding the best possible angles takes concentration, but the people here at this car show were super cool.  People were smiling and nodding their heads as I walk passed all the while starting conversations with me about their car.

I’m sure meeting these people in any other place they wouldn’t speak to you, but it’s true what they say, cars do bring people together.  Here though, we both know we have something in common and that’s a love for cars.  It was a nice experience at the Lone Star Round Up. I give this car show two thumbs up for the awesome cars and the awesome people.

Definitely coming back to this car show next year and hopefully taking an actual mini vacation to Austin. After all, it’s only a two hour drive away.

Remember to check back for part two of the Lone Star Round Up.



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