Lamborghini Festival 2012

The first Lamborghini Festival for Houston,TX was held at La Tranquila Ranch this past weekend.  I didn’t have many expectations since it was their first event but when I got to the venue it was really more than I expected. My initial thoughts were that La Tranquila Ranch was a restaurant; the name sounds catchy like one, but it was actually a banquet and reception hall and a really nice one too.

I arrived early to scout a spot for set up so I could get some shots of the cars rolling in.  I found a great spot in a shaded area with a great line of sight of the driveway the cars were supposed to drive through. All that work and the cars were 30 mins late! During that time people started to show up to the event which meant my great spot was no longer a great a spot as people started to stand in front of me and block my view.  No matter, I can still get my shots in and move elsewhere.

Finally the cars show up.  You can hear the distinct sound of an exotic cars high horsepower engine coming down the street.  The first car was an electric blue lambo leading the pack of what eventually grew to 50 cars that drove through the venue.  It was quite a unique experience for me to see all those Lamborghinis in a row.  As expected I was only able to get off a few shots from my original spot before I had to move.  I was able to get a spot at the end of the driveway that enabled me to get some head on shots of the cars rolling in. Of course, that spot didn’t last too long either because shortly after that a motorcycle police officer parked right in front of me to direct the cars in.  I eventually gave up and walked over to the parking lot where I got my last shots of the day in.

I had a really great time at this first Lamborghini Festival.  To be able to see all those Lamborghini rolling up in a single line was quite…cool for lack of a better word.   I hope the Lamborghini community will put on another great show like this one next year;  I’ll definitely be making it back soon.


Leading the pack for Lambo onto the scene

The line of Lamborghini never seems to end.

Too bad it’s not a red stripe 😉

Old school Lamborghini…love it!

So many switches.

Red HRE wheels on a black lambo, you can’t go wrong.


3 thoughts on “Lamborghini Festival 2012

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  2. Great photos! I love the lines of Lamborghini’s, nothing like them on the road. I just had my first experience of seeing the Aventador in person, absolutely stunning car.

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