Coffee and CARS!!!

I’m back!  It’s been a while since my last post here, 43 days to be exact. I’ve been super busy, with wedding planning and my daughter out of school. Every time a car show or event comes up I’m too busy that day to attend. Wedding planning is no joke – I’ve had to attend marriage classes, go see a flowers lady, then a linens lady, then register for gifts, etc.  Those that are married know how it is – crazy busy! I think we finally got most of our things set and ready for our wedding day though and I finally got a day off to go to Coffee and Cars.  Coffee and Cars, Oh how I missed thee.
This is one of my favorite car events. It has so many different cars from high-end Ferraris to custom garage built rat-rods and everything in between. It’s also free for everyone to enjoy, I just love it!
We’ve been driving around a lot to go see different vendors around town so we’ve been eating out more than usual so I convinced my fiancée to start a food blog. She’s a WAY better writer than I am. She proofreads all my stuff before I post it. Here’s the link to her blog, Never Trust a Skinny Food Critic; go show her some love and click on the follow button.

Now this is muscle car! I felt more macho just standing next to it.

Paint job is flawless.

As expected, the engine bay is just as clean as the rest of this car.

These wheels are so dreamy

I think my MTB would go nicely in that roof rack

Make way for the RWB Porsche

This is a masterpiece!

Oh, My, God Becky, look at Catalina’s butt…it is so BIG.

Every time I see these cars I always think of the 80’s band Flock Of Seagulls.


That woman face says it all.


Such an iconic hood.

She was even taller then the car

How can you not like such a cute car.

One day I will get one of these bikes….one day.


4 thoughts on “Coffee and CARS!!!

  1. I love this blog. I use your pictures as my desk top back ground. Thanks for taking the time to post them. And congratulations on getting hitched. Being married is awesome.

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