Pleasure at Pleasure Pier

Hi all! Never Trust a Skinny Food Critic here substituting for RSP to write about  our mini-vacation to Galveston, TX. Today’s post will be a team effort, my writing prose and his awesome photo taking abilities!

4th of July landed on a Wednesday this year, right smack dab in the middle of the week.  No harm, we decided to take a few extra days off and make a mini summer vacation.  Since we’re on a budget, our mini vacation destination would be a short hour trip down to Galveston, TX to check out the new Pleasure Pier that just opened.  Galveston has gotten a bad rep over the last few years from the public and me included, however since the opening of the Carnival cruise line a few years back and the restoration project they’ve fervently been on, Galveston has started to pick itself up in a wonderful way. The best part about Galveston is its small town, local feel where neighbors and locals still say hello and good morning as they pass you.

Upon arriving we dropped our things off at the beach house and took the short 4 block drive to the Seawall parking quite a ways away from the pier. I have to admit from the where we parked, the Pier did not look that far away, however once the walk started we realized it was a good 12 blocks at least! Our game plan (GP) was to walk along the beach, work up an appetite and then check out one of the local restaurants off the Seawall once we worked up an appetite.  Our stomach’s lead us to The Spot, a local eatery that’s been on the Seawall for quite a few years. For a foodie review on The Spot, please come to my page, Never Trust a Skinny Food Critic.

After dinner, we walked back over to the Pleasure Pier. Because it closes at 11pm and we got there at 7pm that let the girls, RSP’s daughter (my future daughter) and her bff had a good 4 hours to run young, wild and free (see what I did there?).

Can I say the girls got their money’s worth? Yes! At about $26.99 a person (48” or taller) and $10 bucks without the rides, the girls had a blast. Since it was a Thursday night and a work night, the pier wasn’t quite as packed as might be expected so they were able to ride the rides two or three times at least. With over 10+ rides to choose from (for adults and kids of all ages) it’s like a mini theme park compacted onto a beautifully done up pier straight out of the 40’s or 50’s era. Nostalgic candy stores, booths with games and food stands pepper the rest of the pier along with a stage for live local bands to play on.

RSP and I opted out of riding rides, blame it on age and decided on the 10 dollar entry fee for the pier. As we walked the piers, I took some measly photos with my iPhone. The true beauty of the pier though lies in RSP’s photography, so without further ado:

History of the Pier.

View of the sunset from Pleasure Pier

This would get your blood flowing

Lots of rides to keep you entertained.

Night shot of the pier

Had to wake up early for this shot, but it was worth it.

If you follow my blog you know I’m a car guy. Saw this VW parked outside the restaurant we were having breakfast at, had to take a shot of it.


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