ZR1 Deliciousness

Went back to visit my family in Louisiana this past weekend; I always have a good time when I’m back there. There’s always something new with the family that we’re able to catch up on, or a new eatery that just opened up to check out. Never Trust A Skinny Food Critic blog has the scoop on the places we ate out at. My blog is mostly about cars/photography however and if you’ll remember, I’ve done a post in the past on my brothers ZR1. I had the pleasure of shooting the ZR1 again, but this time the car is vastly more improved and with updated modifications. I’m really impressed by the looks of the car and how the subtle changes really changed the previous stock ZR1.  I didn’t get to drive the car this time; my brother was always in a hurry hence the quick photo shoot in the driveway. It’s too bad too because I had a sweet spot picked out in my mind for the shoot.  But these things happen and there just wasn’t enough time. I did the best I could though to show the beauty of this ZR1.  Hope you guys enjoy.


One of the reason we were in a hurry…see the rain clouds?  I thought it would have been kinda cool to do a photo shoot in the rain but my brother wasn’t having it.

I give that ASS 4 thumbs up!!

The door sill reminds you that you’re stepping into a ZR1

Custom logo wheels for the ZR1

What’s a car without a stereo system.


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