I Shoot Babies Too

Being an amateur photographer I will take photographs of pretty much anything if giving the chance.  Anytime working with a camera and Photoshop, I’m happy to do so because it’s good practice. Having a bit of an aging moment, I realize I’m getting older as are my friends and what’s the natural progress of life as we get older? We find a steady career,, get married to the person the tolerates us the best and have kids! Right? Well, most of my friends are at the kid bearing stage currently and naturally parents want photographs to capture moments of their first-born child..or 2nd child…horny bastards.
This post is a photo shoot of my friend’s daughter at 7 months. They originally wanted 6 month photos but with our hectic wedding schedule we couldn’t meet up right away.  We eventually did do that photo shoot though and it turned out great.  I love shooting cars but this is a nice change of pace, something I might get into. Not just shooting babies but portraits. Well hope you guys enjoy the post.



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