Gulf Coast Classic 2012

The first annual Gulf Coast Classic Car Show was held at the Sam Houston Horse Track in Houston, TX.   The Sam Houston Horse Track is huge with plenty of space for vendors and an ample parking lot for show cars.  This car show was a 2 day event with plenty of vendors advertising & promoting throughout Houston leading up the big day.

Needless to say, my expectations were high for this car show much like the Lone Star Round Up in Austin, TX was a few months back.  Off the bat, when I got there I was disappointed to see there was a parking fee, that caught me off guard a bit, but it’s ok.  But hey, after all that hype, I was fine with it; my anticipation for awesome cars and sick pictures was amped.

Walking through the parking lot and into the car show, the pavilion was showcasing a tattoo expo which was pretty different from your every day normal car shows. Pretty cool to see, but I was there for the cars!  Made my way to the parking lot where the car show was being held…and it wasn’t as many cars as I would have expected.  But that’s ok because the cars that were there were great, I just wish there were more of them to be seen.  Being the “first” annual car show for these guys,  I think they need to iron out a few things to make that car show standout.

At the end of the day, I came to do what I had to do and that was to get some nice shots have a good time.

Please scroll down and enjoy some picture of some fantastic cars!


 This was the first car I came upon when I walk to the parking lot.

Cool looking bike!…How does he reach the handle bars?

Interior shot of the Caddy, simple and clean..

Check out that swamp cooler, it has some pretty sweet pin stripping on it too.  Sorry, didn’t take a picture of it.

This is a nice change, it’s a Dodge truck.  Don’t see those to often, it’s usually a Chevy or a Ford.

If you follow my blog you’ve seen this gangster caddy before.

This truck is a wild one…I don’t know if it’s coming or going..

This bike caught my attention from across the parking lot.

The seat looks uncomfortable…but it does have some shock to ease the pain.

Why was this wicked car park next to the Port-o-Potty…I don’t know.

Riding into the sunset…till next time!


4 thoughts on “Gulf Coast Classic 2012

  1. I want to thank you for covering this show. And i agree you can not compete with the size of what the round up is now. Despite This being a first year show I know that the people who put it on were not happy with the turn out either. And I know this because I am one of those people that put on the show. We appreciate you coming out. This year we are making some changes. We unfortunately have no control over the parking fee.We are also combining the lots into one lot so people do not have to walk through two lots. But since we were not able to win that war with the track we are dropping the enrance fee from 20 to 15 on Saturday and that will give you a weekend pass. And Sunday we are dropping the fee to $10. We may take a hit for this but we want people to enjoy themselves and come back year after year. We are still looking for the right bands to feature.We like suggestions. And we do still plan on making as much hype about the show as we can to get the best cars out as possible. We would also like to extend a couple of weekend passes to you to come out and see us again this year. once again thanks for coming out. follow us on facebook for other offers and discounts Gulf Coast Classic

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