Cayden is a Little Bigger

Baby Cayden was my first baby shoot last Fall 2011. At the time he was only 6 months old.  I can remember it like it was yesterday; that cute little chubby baby could barely stand on his own and now? Fast forward a whole year and what do you have still a cute little chubby kid.  Now he can stand on his own, walk, run and climb all over the place.
For this photo shoot his mother and my fiancée decided to meet up at City Centre in Houston that was having a small children’s festival.  We figured why not let him run around and act like a kid, plus the weather is changing here in Houston and it’s cooler outside.  After about an hour and a half worth of running around with the kids I decided that I had enough shots.  That and the fact that I was getting tired; I’ve got to hit the gym more I tell ya.  Here are some photos of Cayden, enjoy!


My fiancée and Cayden

Cayden playing with my lens hood

Cayden taking a break. Its hard work being a baby model.

Momma and Son

“Let me see that camera.”


How can you not want to pinch those cheeks?


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