Ferrari Festival 2012

Ferrari Festival is an event put together for the love of helping children and Italian super cars.  Both causes is good in my book.  The Ferrari Festival started in 2005 to raise money to donate to children charity.  This year they were able to raise over $35,000 for the Texas Children’s Cancer Center.  This was my first time making it out to the event.  I started following them last year on Facebook so I can get update of the upcoming events.  I wanted to be sure I didn’t miss it this year event.

This event consists of two days.  Day one is held at MSR Houston track.  Here you can ride in on of the cars on the track, for a small donation. Unfortunately I didn’t get to make it out for day at the track.  Day two was held at Highland Village on Westheimer in Houston TX. This is a car show gathering where they have all kinds of Ferrari to see.  From the classic, to the daily driven, to the full-blown race cars. The atmosphere here was great, Ferrari all around, food to nibble on, live band playing, it was a really nice set up. I’m glad I made it out to the event this year.


They started this car up and it sounded Awesome! I think awesome is and understatement the sound this car produces.

Maybe the next Danica Patrick.

Trailer for some of the cars to make it to the show.

Love the lines of this car!

They had these metal sculpture place throughout the event. The price on this horse, $16,000. Too rich for my blood.

Love the classic interior work of Ferraris


5 thoughts on “Ferrari Festival 2012

  1. What a brilliant way to raise money and awareness for a good cause; fabulously expensive cars, happy car lovers and a fundraiser. I’ve never heard of this event before. Since you mentioned it, I will check out their facebook page and follow them. Your photography, the artwork and Ferrari cars are superb. 🙂

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