Cranking on the Eggbeater

Well it’s spring time. So it’s time to get outside and enjoy the weather before summer hits.  Summer here in Texas is HOT and humid. Where temperature soar into the 100’s.   So I dust off the mountain bike, lube the chain and took the bike out for a quick ride.  Everything seems to be ok, except one thing.  My Shimano clipless pedals was getting really difficult to clip in and out of.  Even after I try adjusting them it wasn’t doing any good.  So I decided to upgrade the pedal with some Eggbeater from Crankbrothers.  I got these on sale with free shipping, so I didn’t break the bank with this upgrade. When the pedals came in I was really impress with quality of the pedals and it looked pretty cool too. It installed on my bike without a hitch and I must say that even though I didn’t get to take it out on the trails yet, I really like them.  I  like how easy it was for me to clip in and out of these.  One slight kick of my heel out ward and I was unclipped.  For the priced I paid and the quality in these pedal I have to say so far I’m a happy camper.




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