Lone Star Round Up 2013 – Pt.1

Get ready! It’s time for the Lone Star Round Up 2013. This is my second time making it up to Austin TX for this and again I loved everything about this car show.  This car show is just jam packed with some awesome cars, from muscle cars to hot rods to rat rods.  There was a little bit of everything old school there for the vintage automobile lovers.

I’m going to break it down to two parts.  Still got some more pictures to go through.




LSRU2013-57 LSRU2013-108 LSRU2013-107 LSRU2013-106

LSRU2013-103 LSRU2013-102 LSRU2013-101 LSRU2013-99 LSRU2013-98 LSRU2013-97 LSRU2013-96 LSRU2013-95 LSRU2013-94 LSRU2013-93 LSRU2013-92 LSRU2013-91 LSRU2013-90 LSRU2013-89 LSRU2013-88 LSRU2013-87 LSRU2013-86 LSRU2013-85 LSRU2013-84 LSRU2013-83 LSRU2013-82 LSRU2013-81 LSRU2013-80 LSRU2013-79 LSRU2013-77 LSRU2013-76 LSRU2013-75 LSRU2013-74 LSRU2013-73 LSRU2013-72 LSRU2013-71 LSRU2013-70 LSRU2013-69 LSRU2013-68 LSRU2013-67 LSRU2013-66 LSRU2013-65 LSRU2013-64 LSRU2013-63 LSRU2013-62 LSRU2013-61 LSRU2013-60 LSRU2013-59 LSRU2013-58


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