Pack light and Enjoy


Hello everyone! Hope 2014 is treating you well.  As of Jan 19, 2013 I became a married man. I can’t believe it’s been one year since my wife and I got hitched.  I’m more surprise she hasn’t killed me yet, living with me. 😉  To celebrate this momentous moment of our lives, for our one year anniversary we decided to celebrate it where we spent our honeymoon, in Hawaii.  But I’m traveling differently this time. This time I’m traveling smarter and lighter. Last time we went to Hawaii I brought along my D700, two lens, SB600 flash, wireless flash trigger, tripod, light stand and my 15in Mac Book Pro. That’s a lot of things to carry around on a honeymoon.  Not to mention back breaking.  Also a lot of expensive equipment to worry about while traveling.  This time I’m going light with a Fuji x100S and a D700 w/ 50mm 1.8G.  I was just going to do with the x100s but a friend is getting married in Hawaii so I decided to bring the D700 with me.  But it’s still less stuff than last year.  Hopefully I come out with some great photos to share.

My advise, unless you’re going to a job, don’t bring so much camera equipment with you.  Go and enjoy your stay wherever it may be.



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