I started my photographic “lifetography” in early 2008 when I picked up a Nikon D40 on the assumption that I would be taking some great nature photos on a family trip that never happened. The family trip never blossomed into fruition but my interest in photography spiked. Although late in the game of photography, my passion and drive has helped me pick up quickly in the hobby. Except for one basic photography course, I’m essentially self-taught and to keeps me motivated I’ll often reading photo blogs, taking pictures of active life, family and wandering around Houston’s metropolitan area finding new and various images. Staying interested in the likes of Chase Jarvis, and Dave Hill keeps me motivated and striving to become better.

I’ve recently upgrading to a Nikon D700, it has renewed my passion for photography that includes traveling to various places but also rediscovering old habits. My recent trip to Whistler, British Columbia, and visiting towns around my home base of Houston, TX has reintroduced to me previously unnoticed landmarks and monuments.  In my daily life, I’m known to use his iPhone in a pinch to capture a moment; always wanting to keep the momentum going and recording events in his daily life


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  1. AWESOME BLOG! i love cars, and all your pictures are really striking and amazing! i recently made a post about my friend’s garage check it out im definitely following you now!

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