Welcome Page Update

It’s been a while since I’ve updated my picture on the welcome page.  Here is a picture of my daughter that I took this pass weekend.  It was a cloudy afternoon which was perfect for picture taking.  But with all the rain that we’ve been getting it brings out the mosquito.   So we had to be quick about this photo shoot, we were like ninjas, in and out of the park in 10 mins. This is my favorite of the bunch, like it so much that I made it my welcome page photo.  Till next time, see ya!



4th Annual Star Wars Art Festival

This year was the 4th annual Star Wars Art Festival.   Really? This is the 4th time the show was happening before I heard about it.  I really need to get out more.  This show was something on my must do list, so I made sure I set time a side to check out this art show.  It was a two day event so the I made plans to check it out Sunday with a friend a of mine.  These were local artist getting together to display there art in a Star Wars theme event. There was also vendors there selling toys, t-shirts, and prints.  When you walked into the venue you were greeted by a DJ spinning some tunes to set the mood.  It was really a lively atmosphere and everyone looked like they were having fun, enjoying the art and music.  It was a family event, there were kids little as 5 years old  walking around at awe with some of the art work, to older fan that saw the original Star Wars in theater back on May 25, 1977.

I really enjoy the show, and this is something I will be going to from now on.  It looks like the show has grown over the year so I’m sure it’s just going to get better. Till next time, see ya!




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Second Annual Kite Festival At Hermann Park

This is the 2nd Annual Kite Festival held at Hermann Park.   The day couldn’t be any better if you ask me.  The sun was out, the air was cool and a soft breeze was  there to lift the kites into the sky.  The pictures I took was late in the afternoon and a lot of the kites have already left.  But it it was still cool to see all the kites in the air in one area.  Next year I make sure I get out there a little earlier to the event.


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Long Time No See

Hello?…Mic check, one, two,one two, hello?…. It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on my blog.  Just got busy with work one month and then two month rolls by and then three, next thing I knew it’s been over a year since my last post. Geez, where did the time go?  I’m finally getting a little more free time on my hands now (I hope) so I should be able to do some posting on a regular basis.   I really have no excuse now that the weather is getting sunnier and warmer. Need to get my butt out of the house and take some pictures!

I did a family Christmas card for 2014.  I know, I know, it’s a little late but better late than never. This card was somewhat of a last minute, we totally lost track of the days and didn’t realized how close Christmas was getting.  My wife and daughter’s came up with the idea of Home Alone theme. So it was my job to figure out how to make it happen. This was taking in front of my home office doors.  Three picture combine to make this picture.  Snow and flashlight was all photoshopped in.  Over all we love the how the photo turned out.


This is the photo we uploaded the Shutter Fly to make our Christmas card.
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More Hawaii 2.0

After going through these Hawaii photos, I realized how much I really love the Fuji X100s, really do.  All the pictures below were taking with the Fuji and it did not let me down.  The size of the camera is one of the things that I appreciate and the images it produces doesn’t fall short either.  I walked everywhere with this camera while in Hawaii, even forgot I had it on me some the time.  I wish a nice water proof housing was available for the camera.  That would really cool to take this camera with me into the water.

But, that’s enough talk , hope you guys enjoy the photos.



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