More Hawaii 2.0

After going through these Hawaii photos, I realized how much I really love the Fuji X100s, really do.  All the pictures below were taking with the Fuji and it did not let me down.  The size of the camera is one of the things that I appreciate and the images it produces doesn’t fall short either.  I walked everywhere with this camera while in Hawaii, even forgot I had it on me some the time.  I wish a nice water proof housing was available for the camera.  That would really cool to take this camera with me into the water.

But, that’s enough talk , hope you guys enjoy the photos.



Hawaii2014-2-WM Hawaii2014-3_WM Hawaii2014-6 Hawaii2014-7 Hawaii2014-11 Hawaii2014-12 Hawaii2014-13 Hawaii2014-15 Hawaii2014-16 Hawaii2014-17 Hawaii2014-18 Hawaii2014-19 Hawaii2014-20 Hawaii2014-21 Hawaii2014-22 Hawaii2014-23 Hawaii2014-24 Hawaii2014-25 Hawaii2014-26 Hawaii2014-27 Hawaii2014-28 Hawaii2014-30 Hawaii2014-31 Hawaii2014-33 Hawaii2014-36 Hawaii2014-37 Hawaii2014-38 Hawaii2014-39


2 thoughts on “More Hawaii 2.0

    • Thank you. When I first got the Fuji I didn’t like it much, I was still stuck on my D700. But the image quality that the Fuji has and the compact size it does not fail me. Now it has become my go to camera.

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